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Mission Statement

Why establish an ICRN organization?


Most countries around the globe have a respiratory organization or association for nurses. As each country has different health policies, regulations, and education systems for respiratory nurses, it is crucial that representatives of these respiratory organizations from each country are included in the International Collation of Respiratory Nurses (ICRN).


ICRN Mission statement


The International Coalition of Respiratory Nurses (ICRN) is a non-profit organization with the ultimate goal of championing the specialty of respiratory nursing worldwide.



1. Empowering the nurses delivering respiratory care to have an active role in healthcare systems.

2. The first benefit of establishing an ICRN is exchanging knowledge, skills, and experiences, facilitating and expanding expertise in respiratory nursing. Through its activities, the ICRN will improve and raise the standards of care provided by specialist nurses for people living with respiratory conditions.

3. There are no clear international guidelines on a respiratory nurse's range of competencies, therefore this group aims to produce experts from each organization around the world to develop a unique curriculum that will be tailored to the needs of each state.

4. The ICRN will serve to link the role and scope of the work of respiratory nurses with health promotion, primary prevention of respiratory diseases, strengthening their role in diagnosis and supported self-management, support increased patient adherence to therapies with the aim to improve symptom control, quality of life and prolong survival.

5. The ICRN will work with, and support, individuals, and organizations across health services and beyond who share our vision and values.

6. Th ICRN will advocate and influence educational standards for respiratory nursing.

7. The ICRN will support respiratory nursing research.

8. The ICRN will lobby and influence respiratory health policy in each country involved in the work of the ICRN and influence respiratory health policy in EU countries and abroad.

9. The ICRN will promote excellence in respiratory nursing practice and patient care.


The ICRN will develop and implement new projects that will strengthen, self-management in people with respiratory conditions. 


The ICRN  will advocate and promote evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare solutions to ensure that people living with respiratory conditions have a significant reduction in the need for unscheduled care and consequently hospitalization. To achieve this goal, we will strive to strengthen and raise the level of education of respiratory nurses so that they can guide and provide support to people living with respiratory conditions.

Women Holding Hands

Education of our Global Respiratory Nursing Workforce

Advocate and influence educational standards for respiratory nursing

Promote excellence in respiratory nursing practice and patient care.

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