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Our Annual

Time to Act Now: Joint declaration on the urgent need for policy action to address the burden of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a chronic lung disease 

A joint Declaration is calling all government institutions and policymakers to take action to address COPD. One of these actions is to invest in the education of respiratory specialist nurses which play an important role in supporting prevention and improvements in care.


ICRN is proud to be a global partner 

Key messages and partnerships to raise awareness and improve outcomes for people with asthma and COPD in low- and middle-income countries

In June 2022 the WHO convened a stakeholder meeting to develop key messages to improve outcomes for people living with chronic respiratory diseases. 


"We need to seize the opportunity for real impact and aim for global equity with access to appropriate asthma and COPD diagnosis and care, wherever people live"


Our Annual

Need and baseline for harmonising nursing education in respiratory care: preliminary results of a global survey

The development of a harmonised international education curriculum for respiratory nursing will provide more effective and safer delivery of care to respiratory patients around the globe.


Our Annual

Do we need tailored training and development plans for European Union respiratory nurses?

Nurses are critical players in healthcare and should be the next profession to standardise levels of education, preparing them for an active partnership with other healthcare professionals prepared to tackle the chronic disease problem in Europe 


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Presentation at The International Primary Care Respiratory Group May 2022 
Andreja Sajnic, Miguel Padilha & Carol Stonham presented about the work of the ICRN in a session about Stepping into the future of Primary Respiratory Nursing Care in Malaga, Spain.

Launch of ICRN at ERS Congress, Barcelona 2022

Launch of ICRN Website
February 2023

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