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Key messages from our members

"Andreja shared her vision to develop an international coalition for respiratory nurses  (ICRN) a few years ago. At the time I thought it was such an amazing vision and it was critically important to support her.  This organisation is key to help our respiratory nursing colleagues around the world, many of whom do not have access to  education opportunities to develop their practice and improve patient care.  
The ICRN is run by respiratory nurses for respiratory nurses. We have worked hard to achieve realise Andreja’s idea and I am delighted we are now an organisation to champion respiratory nurses globally."

Dr Karen Marshall,  (PhD) RGN,

Respiratory Nurse Consultant

Founder of the ICRN

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Key messages from our associates

"In the current model of person-centered health care, interdisciplinary work is required, which must include nursing, not only in the direct care of patients, but also in the management of programs for monitoring chronic pathologies. In pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep clinics, asthma and COPD clinics, among others, nurses play an essential role in the care, assistance, promotion, prevention, and multidimensional approach to patients.

In Latin America we must promote the training and recognition of respiratory nursing. In our countries, due to its social, cultural and economic characteristics, nursing requires greater support and exaltation of the work. As a pulmonologist, I exalt the mission of ICRN making visible and positioning nursing work worldwide." 

Dr Leslie K. Vargas Ramírez MD  MsC, Pulmonologist - Sleep Medicine 
Director of the Research Center and Sleep Clinic
Instituto Neumológico del Oriente - Colombia
Member of: Asoneumocito, ACMES, ALAT, SEPAR, ERS, ATS

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