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Board of Directors



 Andreja Šajnić

RN, MScN, PhD student


Founder and President of the International Coalition of Respiratory Nurses

Andreja is a clinical respiratory nurse based in Croatia. Her main interest is in nursing education and training programs in the respiratory field. She passionately advocates for patients' rights nationally and globally as a member of the Professional Advisory Committee at the European Lung Foundation.

Andreja as ERS Nursing Group Chair (2019 - 2022)

  • In 2019, formed the ERS Nursing Working Group with aim to identify the need to define and outline the scope of practice, roles, and activities of respiratory nurses globally.

  • In 2020, formed an International Coalition for Respiratory Nursing (ICRN) for the development of a harmonised syllabus and curriculum for respiratory nurses.

  • In 2021, lead a working group to design a cross-sectional survey querying the need for an international core respiratory nursing curriculum and the availability of professional educational opportunities in countries represented in the ICRN group.

  • In 2022, gathered a group of prominent respiratory nurses to officially register ICRN as an international organization with the aim of empowering the nurses delivering respiratory care towards an active role in the health systems.

Vice President

Dr Phyllis Murphie (PhD) RGN,  Independent Respiratory Nurse Consultant


Founder and Vice President of the International Coalition of Respiratory Nurses

Phyllis is a registered Specialist Respiratory Nurse currently working in General Practice in primary care. She is also an non-medical prescriber.

She left her secondary care Nurse Consultant post in June 2020 aiming to complete her PhD and pursue a new role within Respiratory Nursing.


She completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2021 in Telemedicine in Sleep Apnoea Syndrome and continues to be active in the research field. She currently has two research projects ongoing. She has a number of publications and these can be found on ResearchGate. Phyllis' research interests are in Sleep medicine and telemedicine.


She is also the Co-Lead for the Sleep Medicine Improvement work plan for the Scottish Centre for Sustainable Delivery which is primarily to assist in remobilizing Sleep medicine services affected by the pandemic.

  She is also active as an Independent Respiratory Nurse Consultant working on various projects.


Dr Karen Marshall (PhD)

RGN, Respiratory Nurse Consultant


Founder and Secretary of the International Coalition of Respiratory Nurses


Karen is a Nurse Consultant from Newcastle upon Tyne and has worked in the Chest Clinic for over 32 years. She has represented nurses on several national groups and committees. Karen is currently Chair of the Association of Respiratory Nurses (ARNS) Education & Research Committee, President of the North East Thoracic Society (first nurse in 104-year history) and ex-co-chair of the British Thoracic Society Nurses Specialist Advisory Group. 


Karen was the British Journal of Nursing, Respiratory Nurse of the Year  & ARNS Respiratory Nurse Researcher of the Year 2019.


Karen’s main area of expertise is the psychological impact of respiratory disease. 


Karen completed a postgraduate diploma in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in 2003, developed a CBT treatment for respiratory patients, and completed a National Institute of Health Research Ph.D. Fellowship in 2016. 


Karen’s research interests are in the psychological impact of respiratory conditions, CBT, physical inactivity and behavioural activation.

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